Destiny Dozen 2023

May 7, 2023 @ 8:00AM — 4:00PM Pacific Time (US & Canada)

Second Cycle Community Bike Shop: 1205 MLK JR. WAY TACOMA, WA 98405 Get Directions

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Destiny Dozen Hill Challenge

Destiny Dozen is a challenging ride around Tacoma, focussing on a dozen of the toughest hills in town, from Fairbanks to Carr street. The course is open from 8 to 2pm on May 7th. There will be a sporty semi-competitive peloton leaving at 9 am. The after party where you will receive a certificate of completion will be at 2nd Cycle in Tacoma.

The Destiny Dozen is a tour of a dozen or so of Tacoma's toughest hills. This is a fundraiser to support Second Cycle So they can keep brining programs and services to the community.

The course opens at 8 am on May 7. Come and Check in at 2nd Cycle between 8 am and 10 am. The course will be closed at 2 pm. There will be mini maps + cue sheets available, Strava route links, and ride with gps route links available.

Restrooms will be marked on the map. A reststop midway, with refreshments, water and restroom will be available during the ride.

The ride is roughly 40 miles with over 3000 ft of climbing. It is not for the faint of heart nor was it meant to be easy. This ride is supposed to suck. You're not supposed to like it. These are the most challenging hills in Tacoma wrapped up into one ride. You will probably question your choices at some point along this ride.

There will be a destiny half dozen available for those that "want" that. Registration cost is the same, the glory differs.

So if you think you've got the legs and lungs to finish this ride. We would love to see you try. If cant finish we will pick you up in the sag wagon aka the looser wagon.

No but seriously we don't really care, we just hope you get out there and have some fun. Quit when you want to, nobody is stoping you. Be safe.

The Speedy Group ride will leave at 9 am. This will be a drop peloton. They will not stop for your mechanicals. They will not wait too long for you at the top of the hill. They will be trying to go casually fast.

There will be an after party from 2 pm to 4 pm at 2ND CYCLE - where you may receive your certificate of completion upon proving your worthiness.

$293 raised by 9 people


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