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$616 towards $1,000

Important Note: All donations made to the shop's campaign by midnight Tuesday December 1st will be matched dollar for dollar (up to $5000 total) by an anonymous donor. Additionally, I will personally contribute $5 for each person that donates to my fundraising efforts on this page between now and December 31. Thank you for supporting a valuable community resource! -Matt

2nd Cycle Needs Room To Grow

2nd Cycle has been an important part of my adult life Tacoma. I first visited the shop nearly a decade ago when it was in a small room off the alley behind LeLe restaurant, just a few blocks from the current shop location. It was eye-opening to find out that bike shops could be run as community resources where tools and parts and knowledge could be shared to help improve access to bicycles and help reduce the financial barriers to keeping a bicycle working well.

Their DIY spirit helped motivate me to start Kidical Mass family rides in Tacoma and the shop has played host to many of those monthly rides over that last 6 years, including a rock show by local family band Pig Snout!(photo above) and several overnight campout ride to Owen Beach. I've seen high schoolers learn how to organize fun fundraising events for the shop like alley cat races. I've seen those same students grow up in the shop, too: learning about bike repair, improving their customer service skills, and sharing a love of bikes with their friends. Seeing young people engage with the shop as a safe space to be themselves is inspirational.

I love that at 2nd Cycle is about so much more than bikes. It’s about realizing the potential of bikes as a tool for personal and community empowerment, for youth development, for equity and justice. It's about building a healthier and more connected, resilient community. Tacoma needs, and deserves, more of the services that this space offers.

That's why I'm so excited to help them create a dedicated space to expand programs for both youth and adults (when it is safe to do so) and double their capacity for bike donations. As a bike rider, a community member, and a new employee to 2nd Cycle, I've seen the importance that a space like this has to the greater community.

Your donation will go a long way to helping me meet my goal for 2nd Cycle, and it will help put more butts on bikes. This is a community resource worthy or your support.