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Support 2nd Cycle with Youth Programs

Help Expand the Capacity of a Non-Profit Bike Shop

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Its a question I bet some of you, if not many of you are asking. The best answer I can give you is using myself as an example. When I first heard about 2nd Cycle, it was my freshman year at IDEA High School. 2nd Cycle was collaborating with IDEA to make a bike shop class, and I was lucky enough to be in the first one. At first, the class just taught me how to tear down a bike and build it back up but through this initial interaction I got into riding my bike with the help of the teacher and a few of my classmates. Through these connections I found community organizations such as Major Taylor Project and eventually getting a job at 2nd Cycle in my sophomore year. I have now been working here for close to 3 years and it's the best job I could ever ask for. I've made so many important relationships within my short time here and this place is so much more than a place to turn wrenches. I highly suggest supporting this organization if you have the capacity to donate. Thanks for taking time to listen to me talk about my story and I hope you have a good day.